A List of Inspirational Quotes for the I.T Industry

The I.T industry is geared towards the realization of constant technological innovation and progress. Its motivation to do so arises from both of its profiteering and advancement-oriented impulses. But all tech companies are primarily composed of human beings. Meeting distant company objectives on a daily basis tends to become an ordeal. To offset this psychological turbulence, they require some dosage of inspiration. Some oft-repeated wisdom to set them back on track (whenever the blues should strike!).

This is where quotes, taken from different visionaries and thought leaders, come-in to the rescue.

On the Many Marvels (and Importance) of Quotations…

Not only are they easy on the tongue (and given to instant memorization), they are also on-point. They have deep intent, informed from the experiences gained through a life fully lived. And they are actionable.

Their prescriptions, which can be seriously or comically worded, are relatable – particularly for their directed audiences. They have a knack for causing their readers and listeners to introspect, without putting them on the defensive. No human being appreciates pointed criticism, no matter how well-deserved or good-intentioned it may be. Quotes, as such, are the perfect devices for telling someone off; without inviting an argument.

For I.T professionals, just like the workers of other industrial settings, they serve as parachutes. Mental reassurances that ease their fall, whenever they’re in the grip of a stressful situation or emotion.

They possess the ability to provoke a smile on a trying day, and a teardrop in the midst of laughter. But most of all, they force reflection – and the pursuit of betterment.

They are, in essence, some of the most prized legacies of the human spirit. And reminders of the heights that an individual can attain, in both earthly and spiritual senses.

On Staying True to their Intended Meanings

As a business mentor, I frequently resort to using quotations to lend weight to my arguments. But I take care not to twist their meanings, and mold them to service my own opinions. I think that staying true to a quote’s original intended meaning is important. Not only because this preserves authorial intent, but also because it leads to a healthier impact.

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The Top 4 Quotes for the I.T Industry (in my estimation)

The four quotes that follow are the ones that I most frequently use to instruct my I.T-geared audiences. These would appeal to tech specialists positioned on all organizational workflow levels.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” – Socrates

Not a tech industry-specific saying per say, this quotation (allegedly from Socrates himself) deserves first mention. No I.T expert can argue against the value of the ‘old’, as it pertains to the computer industry. Were it not for the Microsoft-centered computing revolution of the 90s, today’s ‘gadgets revolution’ would not have been realizable. Going even further back, modern-day micro processing would not have been possible without the abacus.

Therefore, instead of mindlessly rebelling against convention, it is much more worthwhile to build on its bases. Everything needs to have a starting point. Why attempt to erase past memory, when working with it can yield more results that are productive!

“When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for people telling you that you are nuts.” – Larry Ellison (Oracle Founder)

Despite its tongue-in-cheek tone, this quote from Oracle’s founder sums up all pioneering history. Masses have always scorned visionaries, original thinkers, and the artists among us. Envy, for the most part, lies at the root of this societal rift. However, like any I.T-oriented (or otherwise) history lesson will relate, all tech innovations require sacrifices. Not only in the monetary sense. The incendiary remarks and mocking comments that all original thinkers receive are more taxing.

“Make every detail perfect, and limit the number of details to perfect.” – Jack Dorsey (Twitter Co-Founder)

In tech, like in most areas of life, simplicity and finesse yield the best results. Cumbersome code often leaves systems hardware in a bind. It makes non-technical users frustrated, which is never desirable. The same can be said of bulky hardware that does not justify its expense. Now with the ever-decreasing attention and reading spans of individuals globally, this advice could not be more relevant.

“If you can push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking a risk, really amazing things can happen.” – Marissa Mayer (Yahoo! CEO)

The sentiment communicated through this quotation is sincere and true – as any successful entrepreneur would relate. Each one of us, whether from the I.T industry or not, is plagued by thoughts of inadequacy. Of not being strong enough in the face of the odds. Of losing everything in the event of taking risks. All progress (particularly of the fantastical, media-popularizing type) requires a certain semblance of risk-taking.

Nobody ever invented anything from the domains of complete safety and conformity!

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