Have you tried HIIT cardio?

Are you upset about the amount of weight you have put on but don’t have time for workouts? Well, we have a solution for you! HIIT cardio is a way of exercising which burns more calories in less time so you don’t need to take out much time from your busy schedule. There are intervals of working out fast and then intervals of rest. Research has shown that it is the best way to burn that stubborn fat fast. Below are a few advantages and ways you can do high-intensity interval training.

You don’t need much equipment

HIIT workout is very cost effective and can be done easily with any or no equipment available. They use your body weight for the routine. One good way to start this workout is to see some beginner videos on it. You will understand the internal use and the amount of stamina needed. It’s important to understand that HIIT cardio is only required thrice a week, you can damage your muscles if you start off with too much so make sure that you have a moderate routine. The reason why you don’t need any weights is that your main goal is to get your heart rate up and not focus on a particular muscle.

It’s different from other cardio routines

Normal cardio routines cause you to lose your muscle mass along with your fat. This can give you some nutrient deficiency and cause you to look oddly thin. We are focused on just losing that fat and not those muscles, we need them! HIIT cardio will help you get to this goal.

You can add HIIT cardio to your personal favorite workouts


The only rule is to add the intervals to your specific workout. You can apply this to any workout of your liking. You can be riding your bicycle for 45 seconds with a break of 20 seconds in between. Continue this for about 20 minutes to get the best cardio workout. You can further add the intervals to aerobics or even a simple run on the treadmill. This way you won’t get bored and will also be able to get the most out of your cardio routine.

Give your metabolism a boost

If you have a problem of low metabolism, slow and steady workouts might not help you that much. Research tells us that HIIT cardio helps you take in more oxygen than your normal cardio routines. This increase in oxygen intake can help in the breakdown of food at a faster rate which in turn increases your metabolic rate.

You can expect your stamina to increase

HIIT cardio will increase your endurance helping you do other tasks and workouts with ease and in less time. Your stamina will slowly rise. This has been proven by practical studies on people who did this cardio for a few days and realized the difference themselves. If you want to see a difference as well, start with your HIIT routine today!

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