10 Pocket-Friendly Ideas for Bedroom Decoration


When decorating your home or planning a home improvement project, homeowners tend to focus only on common space like the kitchen and living room. It leads to forgetting the bedroom, the safe haven for houses.

You may tend to forget the bedroom but it still needs a little decoration and improvement. Whether you live in an apartment, condo unit, or any of those kit homes, the bedroom needs to be stylish since it is a safe haven and the most comfortable place inside the house.

You don’t need to worry about the budget for bedroom decoration because there are so many tips and ideas you can apply to your own room without breaking the bank. You can check them below:

Try using accent pillows

You can modify quickly your bedding by using accent pillows. It helps in putting up a personality to your bedroom. Since your bed is the focal point of the room, it makes sense to use the accent pillows to make an overall appeal to your comfy place. Accent pillows instantly improve your bedroom by adding a pattern, color, volume, texture, and personality.

Hang your personal arts and craft

Do you have any personalized artwork? Are you into craft making? Do you have a collection of photos? It’s time to display your collection of arts in your bedroom. Your own room is the ideal spot where you can hand any photos or artworks you have. In this way, you can actually see the memories you have collected over the years. Putting them all together defines your style and art. You can buy decorative hooks, well-fitted frames, and more to help you in displaying your pictures and other artwork.

Get rid of the unnecessary clutter

You should always clear your bedroom from anything that is the hindrance to relaxation and comfort. If you have a television inside your bedroom, it may be a clutter since it can hinder your sleep. You can also hide anything that causes stress to your eyes and senses.

Build your own reading corner

If you’re into books and love reading, it’s a good idea to have your own reading nook right inside the comfort of your home. It only needs a cozy chair, a standing lamp, and a small table. It’s up to you how you will arrange your reading corner.

Display and arrange your books

You can also create your own library inside the bedroom. You can use a headboard with a bookshelf. You can arrange your books alphabetically in terms of an author or the title. It makes everything organized and clean looking.

Repaint your bedroom walls

This is probably one of the cheapest decorating ideas you can make to your bedroom. If you have some spare paint from your last home improvement, you can use them as long as you like the colors. If you don’t have any at home, you can buy one or two cans of paint depending on the size of your room or walls. Painting your bedroom rooms with new color will make a huge difference on how the place feels.

Use the alternative wallpaper

You don’t want to spend time painting your bedroom walls? Then you have a choice of putting up wallpaper instead. Look for wallpaper that fits your budget. It only requires minimal time and effort. You can put a cute wallpaper border. They can be placed at the top of your bedroom walls or in the middle are, creating an elegant, old-fashioned look.

Update your comfy bed

You can set aside a budget for new duvet, comforter, blanket, and pillows. In this way, you can update the overall look of your bedding. Ask yourself when was the last time you changed anything in your bed? You can also buy a new set of sheets and pillow shams. You have so many options that won’t break the pocket.

Put some rug

If you have a wood or tile flooring, it’s also a good suggestion to have a rug on it. It’s an additional comfy “chair” in the floor. You can check out some pocket-friendly rug that is suitable for your overall bedroom theme. In shopping for your bedroom rug, avoid getting natural fibers because they are rough. Also, avoid getting wool rug because it easily sheds. Choose a properly-sized area rug that will make your bedroom bigger and classy. You can ask salespeople to recommend you a good one.

Use some right amount of light

In a bedroom, overhead lighting is not important. Your great choice is to put some lamps and other sources of accent lighting to make your bedroom as inviting as ever. Lamps make the bedroom a comfortable retreat after a long day. The recommended type of light is warm-spectrum fluorescent as it provides the needed freshness of your bedroom.

What are you waiting for? Plan your bedroom decoration without sweat this holiday season!

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