5 Effective Ways to Check If You’re Online Marketing Effort Is Bearing Fruit


Marketing is a necessity in the modern world which largely facilitates any and every business towards success. Implementing a business plan especially in a larger company could be quite cumbersome and risky as well as a number of instances. It is important to evaluate and understand if the strategy you have implemented is giving the expected results.

Previously deployed strategies might also be getting obsolete with the passage of time, therefore it is important that you are always aware of your current marketing plan is working and how it can be improved if the situation demands it. Let us highlight some effective ways via which you can analyze and rectify your marketing effort and strategies.

Bounce Rate Analysis is Important

Bounce rate refers to the traffic which visits a single page on your website before navigating away. Most people don’t consider the bounce rate as an important metric for evaluation. The reason behind it is that the bounce rate doesn’t fluctuate drastically over the course of a month, rather it is a more time-dependent metric.

But you need to understand that it signifies something crucial towards the success of your website which is that how many individuals find your content interactive and interesting enough to stay on your website longer and actually purchase a commodity.

Getting more traffic is good, yes, but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t convert a percentage of the coming traffic into potential clients. So it is integral to take this metric into consideration while you are evaluating your online marketing effort. Rectify and improve your content, the design of the page, and user-friendliness so that the entire navigation process becomes seamless. This would definitely go a long way towards ensuring the success of your website, and in turn, the success of your entire company.

Your Email Marketing Efforts Go a Long Way

Email marketing analysis is one of the key metrics in online marketing strategies. The better the results, the more the conversions into revenue and profits for you and your company. You need to evaluate the growth of your email list size. If it is growing, that would mean that you are getting more subscribers and each one of those added subscribers adds a chance of potential sales. Remember that not all of the subscribers open the emails which they receive.

Evaluating the number of emails opened is also important as it indicates the quality of your email content received by the list members and its relevancy. Last but not least, what you really want is the subscribers to click-through that email towards your website which would further reinforce the probability of success.

Considering the listed factors, the timely evaluation will allow you to identify if there is a problem, improve on your efforts and hone the current strategy in accordance with the results obtained.

Always be Aware of Your Organic Presence

Search engines have become our bread and butter in the recent times largely contributed to the ever-rising practicality of the internet in our daily lives. With the massive traffic chunks visiting popular search engines like Google and Bing every day, it is extremely important to have a strong presence in the listings of these engines.

You need to be aware of the amount of organic traffic coming your way through these search engines. Be aware of the domain authority of your website and with the passage of time, this number needs to climb up. If it’s not climbing, that should be a concern and you need to investigate the cause.

A website audit might be the need of that hour and you should properly optimize your website based on various metrics which are hinted to be a part of the all-famous google algorithm.

Blog to E-Commerce Conversions

Blogs are an important part of your SEO marketing. They are often linked with your E-Commerce pages and you need to aware of how many of the readers end up going to your connected E-Commerce pages.

You can also employ analytics to track the journey those blog readers take through your website and this can directly be compared with the traffic coming from other sources. You can also acquire information regarding how many sales can be attributed to your blog’s influence.

This gives you an accurate idea regarding how good your blog quality is how connected effectively can it divert the traffic to your business website.

Remember that this activity might take some time since a person visiting your website via a blog wouldn’t necessarily make a purchase then and there. They might come back later after a day or two or even spread positive word of mouth to his circle thus bringing in more potential customers towards your business.

There is a rising trend of opening up home-based businesses and blogging plays a vital role in ensuring visibility and reach for this business. Staying connected to the internet around the clock is most definitely recommended so be sure that you have a dependable connection check Xfinity internet packages and are connecting with your audiences as much as possible.

Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

While evaluating your marketing strategy and its impact, always make sure not to rely on too many metrics. That would lead you towards contradictory information influx and decision making becomes more and more difficult. Always have a clear picture in your mind and your decisions should be based on a few core metrics which you find are crucial for your growth and development. An audience is always the most important ingredient in this recipe of success and you need to keep your audience in mind while making an important decision.

Your strategy might be focused around building a better relationship with your existing customers, for that you need to focus more on loyalty, account sizes, attrition etc. your core metrics would change in such scenarios to the values mentioned above. So remember that there are no defined core metrics for every situation, rather you design and decide on your own metrics based on factors which would affect you and your business the most.

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