Digital Marketing Tips: Top Five Benefits of Using Email Marketing
Some of the questions which most marketers tend to be asking these days include – does email marketing have any benefits? Should the company or business invest in email marketing? The answer to all of which is a definite yes – as email marketing is considered to be one of the top marketing channels. Thus the use of email management tools to deliver the best return-on-investment. Across the globe, businesses, irrespective of their revenue, make use of email marketing. Those who are not well-versed with the concept of marketing may not be able to understand why email marketing is so popular immediately. Given below are a few reasons why email marketing is so sought-after –

Lower Costs Involved

One of the biggest advantages of using email marketing in every digital marketing company in Delhi is that it costs significantly lower as compared to other conventional channels of marketing. This is because there are no print costs or fees to be paid to billboard companies, magazines, or television channels.

Indeed, there are some costs involved when investing in email management tools to automate the mail sending process. These costs, however, are much lower than the costs involved in paying other marketing channels.

Reaching an Engaged Audience

Email marketing is one of the very few marketing channels where customers sign up to receive emails from companies. This in turn greatly increases the conversion rates as only those who have a genuine interest in the brand are being targeted.

Even though it is possible to send unsolicited marketing emails, this only helps in damaging the brand image as it annoys customers. Growing the customer base by sending emails to only those who have signed up for it using an email management tool, will lead to much better results.

Sending Targeted Emails

Mobile advertising professionals spend a significant amount of money targeting interested audiences. Email marketing goes a step further by sending emails to only those who meet the brand’s criteria.

For instance, if a promotional offer is being run only in certain parts of the country, then the mail can be sent only to those specific areas. If someone has an interest in sports, then a sports-related sale offer can be sent to such audiences.

Such an arrangement works only for those companies which have gathered the required insight about their subscribers. Targeted emails can lead to better engagement rates and improve profit margins.

Better Revenues

Email marketing brings in billions of dollars in revenues for companies each year. It allows marketers to take advantage of impulse buying as there are not many other platforms which give customers the liberty to purchase an item in the fewest possible click. All that is needed is a tempting call-to-action and a link which takes customers straight to checkout.

Easy to Begin

The best part about email marketing is that it is effortless and does not require a big team with the technical know-how to be successful. An email template with fancy logos, images, and videos will surely look good, yet the most successful campaigns have made use of plain text emails. This only points to one thing, i.e. content is the most important aspect.

To Conclude

While some argue that email marketing isn’t effective anymore, they probably don’t know the entire story. It continues to command the same importance as it used to earlier because of its simplicity and guaranteed return on investment. It is thus no wonder that companies all over the globe continue to rely on email marketing as a preferred tool for engaging with customers.

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