Add Color to your Interior, Add Flowers!

Interior design and flowers go hand in hand. You can always add flowers to your interior not only to give it a more vibrant look but also to make it feel more colorful, fresh and full of energy. The sweet aroma also adds a relaxing effect to the interior. People who have flower allergies may prefer to choose silk flowers which nowadays look as alive as real ones.

Some people also prefer to use silk flowers for interior because they are easier to maintain, are more affordable and can be used for a longer period of time. Shopalarose gives you real roses that last for a year with very less maintenance. So now you can keep your house smelling fresh throughout the year!

Flowers as a piece of interior design, have proved to be beneficial not only for our mental health but also for our physical health. Indoor plants absorb harmful substances and purify the air. They also have a major effect on our psychology. They help to decrease stress and feelings of anxiety and help boost calmness, relaxation, creativity and productivity.

Flowers should be used in harmony with the size of the room. For larger rooms, large flower decorations can help create a more filling effect while a small delicate piece of décor for a smaller room would give a more elegant look.

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Roses are a perfect choice for all kinds of interior designs, be it corporate, residential, hospital or a restaurant. Roses come in a wide variety of colors which makes it a more versatile choice. Roses are an easy and impactful way of decorating your interior. To get a more sophisticated look you can match the color of roses with the walls, curtains or furniture of the room. Similarly, a contrasting effect also gives your interior a more striking look.

Nothing can look more elegant than lavender roses in a white vase or using pink roses with grey walls. You can also use flowers to highlight any show piece in the room. A bunch of colorful roses can cheer up the sick in a hospital. An orange bunch paired with yellow roses in the office conference room can lead to a more productive discussion.

Some facts about lotus in Chinese:

  1. In Chinese calendar 8 is the Lotus Day.
  2. It blooms in Beijing on lunar April 8th which is a birthday of Buddha.
  3. Lunar January is also famous for same thing.
  4. In ancient Chinese lotus represents purity of heart.
  5. Lotus’s fruit is said to be the past its flower is present and stalk is future.
  6. They say if you hold lotus inwardly then it Is empty and if hold outwardly than it is upright.
  7. There is this famous saying “one who comes out of mire but is not sullied”.
  8. There is this cultural taboo that if a woman sews on lunar jan.8 she will face trouble during her menstrual.

Lotus is love and modesty when given to someone is a delicate and beautiful flower and due to the good quality it can grow in unfavorable conditions, lotus is a source of motivation in ancient Chinese.all over the world it is a symbol of beauty due to its vibrant color, it has origin in parts of Middle East and Asia.It has different meaning in every culture but all of them are related to life and motivation.

Meaning according to color

  • White – they represent innocence and purity in American culture while in Chinese culture white is the color of death and ghosts, you will often find white lotus at funerals.
  • Red and pink – red and pink lotus represents celebration and life.

Lotus is a magnificent flower not due to its color but the meaning it holds for Chinese people.Lotus brings smile on people faces and stands for the teachings of Buddha.

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Flowers merge easily with the interior design. They make your space look more unique and stylish. Potted roses in corners of room or in window panes help fill empty spaces with color. A fresh bunch of roses on the living room center table or the dining table gives the people a sense of freshness and energy. The best is to place a basket of roses at the entrance of the house. This will greet the guests with color and enthusiasm.

Nothing can blend tradition with interior more than freshly colored and scented roses. To get the best out of your money you can trust Shopalarose for the finest roses that last a year. They not only keep their beautiful colors and fresh scent but also require minimal maintenance.

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