Top 5 Elements of the European Bathroom Interiors That You Can Totally Own

Are you building a new house and need a stylish design idea for your bathroom? Well, enough of the same old cliché bathroom interiors. This time, you should try something else, Since European chic and fervor are dominating home interiors this season, you should not think twice and try to incorporate the European value and luxury in your bathrooms too.

There are a number of places you can go to for a stunning a bathroom interior design. Along with that, you should also look for a place which offers high-quality bathroom vanity cabinets and kitchen cabinets and therefore, will be able to provide you with bathroom cabinets and other fixtures too. So, if you are inspired by the European style of baths, then here we have a few of the most popular elements that you can use to adorn your bathroom interior decors. Check them out now.

#1 Strong Contrasts

European bathroom interior designs were all about the contrasts. So, if you want to adopt their idea of bathroom decor, you must two contrasting hues for the color scheme of the interior. The stronger the contrast the better it is. In fact, some of the modern European designs even showcase a black and white contrast in their bathroom decor.

The European style is about solid designs and that is why the bold and prominent choice of colors without intricate complexities is more preferred amongst the designers following this kind of an interior decor style.

#2 Corner Mirrors

Generally, all the traditional and modern homes in every part of the world install the bathroom mirror above the sink. But a common feature of the European style decor would be corner mirrors. You might have a proper mirror above the vanity or countertop but European style baths also have corner mirrors. This is what sets this style apart and exudes a forward-thinking approach, dramatic boldness, and a lavish appearance.

#3 Bathroom Vanities

Europeans are known for their modern advancements and practical thinking. Hence, they did not consider the bathroom to be just a place for luxurious indulgence for self-pampering only but also emphasized on the hygiene and neatness of this part of the house.

That is why they installed separate closets and bathroom vanity cabinets. Store all the bath essentials and toiletries inside and keep the sink countertop clutter-free. There are plenty of companies which can offer you discount bathroom vanities if you don’t want to splurge a lot.

#4 Porthole Window Styles

Another classic element which can be a European influence would be the porthole windows. This is basically a part of the nautical interior designs and known as a part of the shipshape accents. You can team up this sort of interior with hexagonal floor tiles, and bands on the walls to create a beautiful ambience in your regular bath.

#5 Feudal Accents

Another very stylish predominant European element that you can take home is the feudal accents. There are certain centrepieces which can be added to your bathroom in order to further increase and enhance its aura, especially if the bathroom is quite a spacious one. Some of the common options would be a French limestone or a Baroque mirror.

Such items not just add value to the bathroom but also attracts the eyes. So, in order to recreate a bath of your fantasies, you can choose such remarkable elements to spruce up your bathroom.

So, what are you thinking? If you are impressed by the European style bathrooms, you should immediately take these down and start working on it from today.

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