Augmented Reality & Healthcare Industry

The AR and VR healthcare market is predicted to be worth about $5.1 billion in the coming years. Various surveys and researches conducted across the world have been denoting the rising importance of Augmented Reality in the field of healthcare.

Expanding the footprints, Augmented Reality along with robotics play a vital role in enhancing healthcare opportunities, the key is to fulfill the rising needs of healthcare professionals and easy healthcare product or services delivery at an affordable cost & reasonable time frame. Various Augmented Reality Companies promote the effective usage of having AR integrated healthcare services and the benefits of having technologically sound systems for patient welfare.

What does AR do?

In the race of technologies being implemented in the healthcare sector, there is a huge opportunity for AR, carrying the ability to seamlessly blend direct sensory experience of the real world with the powers and potential of IT.

As medical emergencies are quite common, we may not always have the time to reach the exact medical help. AR enables the healthcare professionals to widen up their knowledge curriculum and learn from the experts at a different geographical location, ensuring the patients that they get the best possible care where they are needed most.

The power of AR

AI has the potential to help patients and doctors to receive and provide healthcare at the earliest and exactly how it should be!

Complete Access

While patients were restricted to receive healthcare treatment only when they have the approachable health centers nearby, the entire picture changed with the introduction of telemedicine. The concept initially required a professional for face to face consultation either in the hospital premises or a designated account. With the help of AR, patients can attain information on every smart device, over the phone and through the internet. Along with the plenty of benefits, AR can be a boon especially in the field of surgery facilitating surgical procedures to be carried out over different geographic locations with the specialists making use of the AR tools in guiding and collaborating with the colleagues situated in a different location.

Training and Development

Healthcare industry always requires skilled medical professionals and having them trained with the latest tools and techniques is equally important. To get the existing staff well versed, AR comes in action! The AR learning tool allows the users to grasp better and learn innovatively by creating a highly engaging experience with different sensory inputs, aids retention and the best possible way outs to grab the concepts.

Patient Engagement

Patients are now much more proactive in keeping up with their health and that could be possible after the correct utilization of AR in healthcare. Various AR applications provide a unique perspective of a 3D anatomical representation, demonstrating the structure of the patient’s eyeball, along with the offerings of visual simulations of complex eye conditions. The applications are also free for iPhone and iPad which helps the patients to self-analyze their vision errors and condition which even offers a rundown of proposed eye surgeons.

Can AR facilitate Technology Adoption?

Technologies to innovate the healthcare sector have been arriving in the market each day, it’s a day more and we’re updated to an advanced version with the right kind of fit. But, the biggest challenge industry faces are the gap between a technology arriving in its development phase to the time when it reaches the widespread adoption. There could be numerous reasons for the delay in the process which includes the costing to purchase new technologies, the time taken to raise awareness and lack of staff expertise in deployment.

The tenure which is lost in the process is the valuable time which could have provided better aids to the patients with the much-advanced technologies for their welfare. Augmented Reality can certainly help by facilitating the face to face demonstrations with applications like Proximie. AR can also be used to train staff remotely and with the approach on long term aftercare services. Various tools included in the technology can boost early adoption and contribute largely to technology advancements.

Real Time Examples of AR in the healthcare

AR is already in the loop of transforming healthcare experiences, and we’re on the verge of having some included as basics!

Google Glass

Back in 2014, Google X launched the voice-controlled android glass, popularly known as google glass. It is a pair of eyeglasses that displays information directly in the user’s field of vision. Offering complete AR experience by using visual audio and location-based inputs for fetching the relevant information. For instance, if a user commands to know the flight status, the information will be displayed in his smartphone through the connected applications like Glassware which are optimized for the particular device.

Finding Veins through AR

Most nurses and doctors are unable to find veins on the first stick, multiple attempts do not just trouble the nurses but worsen when the patient is a child or an elderly. AccuVein makes uses of the AR technology, putting a quick scanner on the patient’s body and visualize the veins. This has been tried and tested on the various patients easing up their IV injections or the process of cannulation.

Medicinal Information

Ever thought how a drug swallowed in the gut works in the body? The process of medicine releasing and spreading all over along with its effects on the body may be quite an interesting thing to see, but you might not wish to read a long thesis over the same. AR can get you the description in much better way-out. You can check the mechanism of a drug through 3D and depth effects, lab workers can monitor their experiments with the AR equipment.

AR is here to power your business with better possibilities! Enquire for a detailed version of the Augmented Reality App development process and get hands-on with technologies required to get your business equipped with the latest enhancements and configurations.

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