These Are the Apps Which Gave a Huge Boost to On-Demand Economy

Today the landscape of the world changes almost every day. The internet and various mobile applications have taken over our life and has changed the way we think, the way we live, the way we communicate with each other and many more things. On-demand economy has given birth to on-demand apps and they have ultimately changes our lives for better. 

The storm of the on-demand apps has brought an evolution in the service sectors, and these apps provide the people quite fast and easy access to several products and services which once upon a time were quite limited and difficult to access. And now with the help of these on-demand apps you can get all these products and services at your doorsteps.

Here is a list of several on-demand apps which have made our life easier and luxurious at the same time-

Uber – on-demand taxi booking app

Uber today is a popular name among these on-demand apps. As much as Steve jobs and Bill gates have done for the IT sector Uber has done the same for the sharing economy. Uber has made so much name for itself that even though people who didn’t have ever use the app to board a taxi have at least heard of it.


Uber provides several features which are the reason for its immense popularity –

Its quite cheap and the passenger does not have to pay any additional charges and have to only pay the fixed charge that is displayed to them.

It is quite fast. With the help of the app you can see all the nearest cars to you and with the help of the app you can also approach the location of the taxi when it arrives.

It is quite easy to use, and the booking of the taxi takes few taps and few seconds.                                       

Postmates – on-demand food delivery app

This popular app was launched in the year 2011. Initially delivering of several kinds of goods such as household one and furniture’s was the aim of the app but afterward the service was switched to delivery of the food items and the app is still on the fields even today.

With the immense success of Postmates like never before it opened doors of restaurants for several other food applications. This app provides a variety of option with the help of which you can not only order food from restaurants, but you can also order the food from several stores. The app turned out to be a domestic assistant to save time and also the affordable delivery cost is a major advantage of using the app.                                

Drizly  – on-demand food and beverages delivery app

If you are looking for an app to order some booze Drizly is the perfect stop for you. Whether be a big delivery order for a party or few bottles of beer or even a pizza Drizly got a supply for all.

Another major advantage of this app is that it consists of pre-composed sets of booze which can be chosed instantly for different occasions. Thus, provide a specific choice to the customer.                        

BloomThat – on-demand flower delivery app

It is yet another popular app example. With the help of this app you can make sweet gestures to someone, congratulate someone and even express several other feelings.

This app provides a platform to choose from a selection of fresh and seasoned items. All you to do is to choose the date of delivery and time and with the help of the app you can also check the progress of your order.

Along with this a nice cake can also be added to your bouquet.                                       

Medicast – on-demand doctor app

Today even healthcare is not exempted from these popular on-demand apps and Medicast has come up as one of the best one for the healthcare sector. The service might not be that cheap but the service it provides justifies the charges.

doctor app

Its just with the few taps that you can contact a qualified specialist and within few minutes you will find more about your matter. And if urgent the specialist may also arrive at your place to provide medical assistance to you.                   

Rinse – on-demand laundry app

Laundry is quite time consuming and quite difficult and painful as well. Therefore, to exempt you from that pain Rinse is there.

The reason for popularity of this app are many as the scheduling is quite simple for the app and app provide the service all 7 days of the week. All you need to do is to choose the date and time of your choice and keep your clothes ready for the pickup.

Along with that there are several cleaning preferences which you can choose so that you get the perfect service for your clothes.

Priv – on-demand health and fitness app

This is another popular on-demand app which provide its users several health and wellness services. With the help of the app you can hire a hairstyle specialist, a manicure and a refreshing massage etc. A fitness session at home or office can also be organised with the help of the Priv app.

Priv has now targeted male audiences well with several services for them such as beard and moustache trimming, haircut and many other services as well.                                        

Wag – on-demand dog walker app

This is another popular app which help in finding a person who can take care of your pet(dog) in your absence. With the help of app, you can find a dog lover at any time 7 days a week.

Another feature it provides is you can track the activity and walk of your dog with the help of live GPS tracking.

Signing off

These on-demand apps are now showing global dominance with their enormous number of users and these all apps not only benefits the user by providing several services but also contribute towards boosting of the on -demand economy as a lot of revenue is generated through these apps.

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