How Do Health Data And Advancements In Technology Make Health Better?

Today, I read many research papers on healthcare, but one thing that makes up my mind is the advancement in technology for the fulfilment of needs in the healthcare industry. The advancement has increased so much that it will affiliate in all ways in every sector. Medical innovations are so much concerned every now and then to increase productivity in the healthcare industry. We will discuss the major role of medical mobile applications; because it is becoming a huge market now. 

Pros of the mobile healthcare app: 

There are many advantages in the healthcare mobile application development, we will discuss it one by one.

  • The applications will help us with online consultations and provide 24/7 care for the patients. 
  • It will also elder patients and the disabled with online consultations and in providing telehealth services. 
  • It will help on both the ends for patients and for the doctors, to keep their records by the features and electronic health records. 
  • By maintaining the records electronically, it will decrease the paper and pen waste which benefits in cost management and in waste management. 
  • It will reduce the burden of the patients in keeping the hard copies in place and take that big bludger file everywhere. 

Market analysis of the mobile healthcare app development:

According to the survey, the mobile healthcare application market has increased up to 33% and that will be booming due to pandemic-like situations if we remember that time. During that time people are good to be noticeable at their homes and locked for several months.

There are around 4 million people using healthcare mobile applications for doctor consulting and for immediate care. We can think of the usage ratio of the applications, even the doctors feel very comfortable and free with these applications because there is ‘n’ number of patients looking for the daily need of healthcare and doctors are unable to consult them all at one time. So the applications and telemedicine development helped people a lot.

What do mobile healthcare applications provide? 

Let us see the benefits of the healthcare application providers and their advantages from the user perspective. 

Online appointment: 

In investing the money for the in-person appointments and travelling for the smaller headaches, in this modern world people do not want to waste their time in such activities and sp the applications build as a platform for providing the facilities to the population. 

Electronic records/reports: 

Electronic health records are basically the data sets of the documents that help patients to keep their records fine-tuned and confirmed with the time. They keep the data sets updated from time to time concerns. These help them in realizing the technology as a magic tool that makes their tasks easy and proactively connected with the doctors. 

Tracking the data:

There is an active feature in the application that can track the patient’s data such as fitness, diet, insulin monitors, heart monitors etc. these devices can use other techniques as well such as EHRs, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 


Smart devices such as smartwatches, smartphones, smart ITbra track the data and will help in assigning the data, and make it available to the doctors very efficiently. For instance: to track breast cancer ITbra is used & for making the watch on the heart count the smartwatches are used. Also, they track the activity of the person and the food diet to track the diabetic patients. The reports of the ECG and diet tracker charts can send it to the doctors directly. There are several applications for the doctors and the patient with the different types of diseases such as there are special applications of weight loss, diabetes and cancer. 

What changes do healthcare mobile applications help the patients? 

Healthcare applications have many options attached to them as we discussed previously, there are applications such as diabetes applications, breast cancer, pregnancy applications and other chronic diseases applications that make measurable changes. 

According to the surveys, there are 34% of people using wearables to track fitness reports and body count; 32% have used only to track the data, and adults under the 55 years of age have used the devices for daily reporting and guidance. 

More companies like apple, Google are investing a good amount of money in the development of applications and wearable devices. The pregnancy applications help the mom with the daily regimes of the medicines and also triggers and makes breastfeeding reports and schedules. 

Master of science and health departments had proven the devices and the applications that they are analyzing the correct data and give the correct results with the proper authenticity by the several methods. 

What changes does it make from the professional’s perspective? 

From the professional’s perspective, doctors have many things to do. Such as if the patient went to the doctor’s house, in the old times the doctors had to go to the report centre to collect the reports then to the medical for the above-prescribed medicines and injections, but after entering the field of the healthcare mobile app development, doctors need not worry that much, because the applications are saving the data for their benefits and are trying to add more features for the future so that they can achieve the trademark in giving healthcare facilities. 


As we have discussed all the perspectives of the professionals and the patient’s point of view in the article. We can understand the importance of the healthcare mobile app development and the healthcare providers who give us the better opportunity to build upon and also the different types of gadgets to monitor the use and its application in healthcare. Well, there are some disadvantages too, but that is not prone to bothering around, because anyways there are fewer chances of misleading and the no possibility to leak the information anyways, hence there’s no need to worry.

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