How to Choose and Style the Perfect Sherwani for Your Wedding Day

Sherwani is a men’s wear that signifies elegance and it is a traditional fashion clothing of India. These days it has become a wedding outfit because it is really elegant and stylish. It can also be worn for formal events, because of its significance of nobility.

Origins of the sherwani

The story of the sherwanis is very interesting. It was originally created in Persia. It was used by Persian and Turkish in both Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire. It was really popular among the men.

Sometime later, it became the national dress of Pakistan and in India represents a symbol of the Indian culture and also of the elegance of it. It is only used for special occasions, not casual. It is often combined with a turban.

How to style the sherwani

Nowadays, it is very common to use a sherwani at a wedding, because it is very classy and elegant. There is a lot of different ways to style the sherwani, such as:

  • Dhoti: this is a very comfortable wear that can add a modern touch to your sherwani. It will make you the center of attention for the wedding. They work for every body type because they adapt to the different shapes of bodies.
  • Pajama: this is a most in every Indian closet. It is more often used in daily occasions for a casual look but it also combines perfectly with the sherwani.

There are also different types of this wear, you can choose between them which one best attaches to the occasion, your personal preferences and also your body. You can also pick from different colors, fabrics, embroidery work, material, etc.

Combining the Sherwani at Nihal Fashions with the pajamas can be a little hard, they can be both from the same color but they can also be different colors. This is a new trend that is creating more options to combine. The most commonly used colors are golden, red or maroon.

The trends this year are awesome because they explore new things for men that you cannot imagine. The designs include flowers: yes! As you heard, flowers are no longer just for women, men can also use them. And it is a really modern way to go to your wedding and have an eye-catching look.

One of the most unique features of this clothing is the ornamentation. It is not just clothes, it is art. This adds an elegant touch (even more) to the sherwani. Some of the techniques used are embroidery, tiny mirrors, beads, etc.

Is sherwani comfortable?

The men are worried about look and comfort. The sherwani has both because it will adapt to your body while you will also feel very comfortable with it. It won’t look nor oversized nor shabby.

If you want a unique style filled with elegance, you should checkout some of the sherwanis we have at Nihal Fashions, you can refine them by color or fabric, so you will obtain the desired product at the best prices.

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