How White Label PPC Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Between winning clients over, building resources and implementing efficient PPC campaigns, a small digital marketing firm has its plate full with different responsibilities. If you’re looking for ways to reduce costs and workload, outsourcing PPC to a white label PPC company is a great idea.

Read on to learn how PPC agency can help you fast-track your business’s growth trajectory.

What Does White Label PPC Entail?

Outsourcing white label PPC services means you would be outsourcing PPC work to a third-party PPC agency. You would then sell those solutions as if they were your own as a PPC reseller. Such PPC agency will use its own team of PPC experts and resources to deliver best PPC results, everything including the reporting will look and feel like it’s coming from you under your brand name. You will still be in charge of handling client relationships, billing, pricing and determining profit margins.

Is a White Label Partnership Profitable?

Yes, Outsourcing to a PPC agency can be profitable, provided you partner a trustworthy agency with a reputation for providing high-quality solutions in a timely manner. You also need to price your service offerings in the right way. Your white label partner will have a fixed price list for its services and from there you need to figure out your pricing model so that you actually make money.

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Offers Flexibility to Scale According to Need

Unlike small digital marketing firms, white label PPC services providers don’t have a resource crunch. They are able to scale teams depending on your requirements. The ability to scale operations comes in very handy when you have seasonal demand for PPC solutions or you’re offered a large project. Besides, such PPC agencies have a diverse talent pool and can provide the kind of experience a project requires.

Provides Opportunity to Expand Service Range 

Small digital marketing firms mostly start out with one or two service offerings which are usually areas they have expertise in and can deliver value for. To ensure increasing business revenues and a growing client base, it’s necessary to offer other types of service offerings such as PPC solutions. Outsourcing to a PPC reseller allows you to expand service offerings without incurring additional expenses such as hiring new staff members or training. It also helps small marketing firms remain competitive in an increasingly crowded industry.

Provides Opportunity to Establish Good Customer Relationship 

Outsourcing PPC management solutions help you offer an additional service, grow your client base and tap into new revenue-generating streams. While services such as e-mail marketing and SEO take time to show results, PPC can generate results within weeks. Besides, PPC results are measurable and you can show your clients exactly how PPC efforts have delivered ROI. This is a great way to build relationships with new and existing clients.

Helps Digital Marketing Firms Access Cutting Edge Tools

Factors such as big data sets, AI, machine learning and deep data mining are becoming more relevant to running efficient PPC AdWords campaigns. Small digital firms need to embrace a data-driven approach to deliver standout ROI from PPC advertising. However, with limited funding and expertise, it can be a tall order for small marketing firms. The next best thing to do is outsource to a white label PPC reseller that invests in the latest tools and training to provide state-of-the-art solutions.

Helps Deliver Data-Driven Campaigns

Established data models, statistical analysis and rigorous testing are key to building effective PPC strategies today. Because small digital marketing firms work with fewer clients and have only a handful of data to work with, they are at a disadvantage. Partnering an expert PPC agency helps bridge this information gap because a professional PPC agency will have handled a number of accounts. This helps them gather enough historical data as well as experience to develop strong strategies and make relevant decisions.

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