Specific and Special SEO Strategies for Businesses

In the very beginning of 2018, precisely in 2018, Netcraft shared the statistics after conducting a Web Server Survey that there are around 1.8 billion websites in the search engines. Nonetheless, it should not come as a piece of news that a great number of websites have zero visitors because their website is in the search results. Certainly, not everyone knows how to bring their website in the search engine results of the first page and people do not have to check the results in detail and scroll through the second page. SEO is an art and skill both, a few are familiar with, and hence, most of the websites never appear in the search results. When I started learning SEO as a skill for a couple of websites I had; I availed Mediacom deals to ensure I have the most reliable telecom provider.

#1 Optimize Your Site for Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain algorithm is Google’s first machine learning algorithm; this update changed the way Google worked. It scales how the results on your first page are treated; the happier the users are, the higher your website will rank.

Backlinks, keywords and rest of the conventional methods are as significant as they were. However, RankBrain is rapidly growing. It measures performance through 3 ranking factors:

  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Google RankBrain likes to see that a good number of people are clicking and searching for your website in the search results. And inform Google that: “People LOVE this result from all the searched given results. So, it is time to bring it to the top of the results page so it’s easier to find”. Consequently, if the website is not being clicked further, it will drop it again without thinking twice.

  • Bounce Rate and Dwell Time

Even after putting all the work into your website and its ranking, your bounce rate is not fixed it can greatly affect all your hard work. Bounce Rate is the standard wait time i.e. 3 seconds after clicking the link to the website – if it delays, people will bounce back and click another result and probably won’t come back. The better the bounce rate, the better your website will rank – it is pretty simple.

  • Add numbers to your content

Out of all the search results, it is highly likely that people will click something with a number in it. Start adding numbers in your Meta titles.

#2 Learn Untouched Keywords through Reddit

Reddit is a keyword research treasure house; especially when it comes to finding long tail keywords. For an instance, if you plan on writing about health or technology, check subreddits. Scan their threads for terms that appear over and over again. If people are discussing about these subjects or topics on Reddit, it is highly likely that people are searching for the same topics and keywords in Google. Incorporate them in your content to get the maximum benefit out of them.

#3 Update, Upgrade and Republish Old Blog Posts

Content remains the king in the domain of Digital marketing too, predominantly, SEO. The search engines are smart enough to recognize content, identify plagiarism in it, and when the same content and subject is talked about in different contexts or through different platforms online. Google ranks the content and website based on their quality and how responsive the audiences are towards that particular websites ’content.

#4 Make Enticing Title and Description Tags

The comes with no surprise and is a known secret that persuasive titles and exciting yet informative description tags get more clicks in the Search Engine Results Page. That clearly means more organic clicks equals to higher ranks on Google.

Be open and receptive for writing and generating interesting copies from the ads and for the ads that you can incorporate into your title and description. For example, if your business deals with glass water bottles, you can use phrases and keywords such as:

  • BPA-free; (BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical which is very harmful to the environment and health.)
  • To keep yourself hydrated
  • Long-lasting
  • Refillable

The aforementioned tags or keywords include the words that are proven to generate clicks and appear in the searches. Thus, when you take account of these terminologies in your metatags, you are expected to get more clicks among the rest of the results.

#5 Find Broken Link Building Opportunities on Wikipedia

This is an advanced level strategy or tactic used by SEO experts. However, it requires good researching skills and a keen eye to find out broken links on high domain authority. Why broken links?

Because broken-link-building has it all covered:

  • It is calculable.
  • Comes under White hat SEO technique.
  • Highly influential.

With so many opportunities and benefits, it comes with one great challenge which is to find broken links and that is a big pain. If you notice, whenever a Wikipedia editor comes across a dead link, they do not delete the link right away. As an alternative, they add a footnote after that link which says “dead link”

One simple and easy way is to use this simple search string for getting quick answers:

Site: wikipedia.org [keyword] + “dead link”

A Pro Tip for SEO experts considering on executing this trick: Wikipedia has a directory of articles having a list of all dead links which makes finding dead links in Wikipedia simple and easy.

#6 Study Your Competitors Best Keywords

Fundamentally, there are two popular methods to find keywords to optimize your content around.

  1. Add random keywords into the tool.


  1. Search for the exact keywords that your competitors used and improved their ranks.

#7 Optimize Your Content to Maximize “Share-ability”

Social sharing, endorsing your content or whatever you would like to add, almost everything comes under Social Media where a good number of people can be reached by just clicking the “Share” button. Having a share button and promoting it through different tricks and tips always help to maximize the share-ability factor of the content.

#8 Link Out to Authority Sites

Make connections, in SEO language, get backlinks from Authority Sites, who rank better on search engines. Linking out with other websites requires research and collaborations according to niches and shoulder niches. And of course, good repo with webmasters, following their guidelines and work ethic.

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